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Engraved Silver Gifts

Diamond Engraving

Diamond engraving is the traditional method employed by our silversmiths to beautifully decorate sterling silver, silver plated and metal gifts, trophies and awards with a company crest, name or commemorative message.  Using this technique the surface of the metal is indelibly cut by a diamond tip to produce a clean and elegant impression.


Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a contemporary engraving technique using a laser to produce a clear and indelible impression on silver.  The effect is clear and light grey in appearance and is best suited to reproducing logos and crests which contain a lot of intricate detail.  Laser engraving is also well suited for engraving of volume and corporate gift orders, as the method is often more cost effective than diamond engraving.


Hand Engraving

Hand engraving is an art in which the engraver creates imagery or lettering with the use of hand held tools only, without the use of automated machinery.  Each individual engravings is unique and allows for the character of the engraver to be seen.  The charge and lead time for this service depends on the complexity and time required to complete and quoted on an individual basis.  Please consult our sales team for more information about hand engraving.


Corporate clients requiring a company logo, crest or motif engraved should allow for a one-off artwork and set-up charge of up to £75.00 per logo.  The individual cost of each engraved item is then calculated according to how many gifts are required, and the completixity of the desired engraving with attractive discounts for the engraving of volume orders.

For individual and online orders where engraving a single gift is desired, there is a charge of £25.00 per gift.  This charge allows for a set of up to 3 initials.  To engrave additonal initials after the first 3 there is a change of £2.00 per letter.  For names and longer enscriptions please speak to our sales team and we will provide a quotation upon request.  We recommend a choice of Roman, Script or Block typefaces for engraved names and initials and will provide a digital proof of your gift to illustrate your choice of type face and the layout and positioning of your engraving.


For delivery lead-times on corporate or volume orders please speak to a member of our sales team.

Please allow for an additional 7 working days for delivery of individually engraved gifts purchased online.


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