Men’s Accessories


Veritas design cufflinks in precious metals, inlaid with coloured enamel and semi-precious stones. We create one of a kind exclusive designs inspired by the ideas and imaginations of our clients.

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Valet Boxes

Veritas makes valet boxes in elegant lacquered wood finishes, in silver and with coloured enamel decoration. Wooden boxes can be customised with a linished logo or inlaid silver engraving plaque and silver boxes can be diamond or laser engraved on the lid with a logo or crest.

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Credit Card Holders

Keep your cards close to hand, nestled neatly within the pockets of a credit card holder. Ideal for travelling light, when less is best.

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The traditional way to keep everything in one place. Whether it’s coins, notes, cards or receipts, the classic wallet has a place for it.

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Money Clips

Keep your notes safe with a luxury money clip, available in sterling silver or silver plate and a range of different materials for decoration.

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Veritas produce ties in polyester or 100% silk, incorporating your companies colours and logo to create a classic corporate gift.

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