Photo Frames

3x3" Frames

Our 3×3″ silver-plated photo frames are the perfect size for a special present. Our frames are silver-plated and lacquered for additional protection. They are decorated with Veritas translucent colour enamel in a range of vibrant colours. The metal pattern underneath the enamel reflects the light to create the unique translucent effect.

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7x5" Frames

The 7×5″ photo frame is probably the most popular size in our range. Veritas provides frames in a variety of finishes, from the classic silver, frame perfect for an added diamond engraving, to frames decorated with translucent enamel colour, modern carbon fibre or refined calf leather inlay.

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10x8" Frames

Veritas 10×8″ photo frames come in a variety of finishes and inlays. The design is classic and the use of materials contemporary. Choose from our stock selection of 10×8″ frames, that includes the classic all silver frame perfect for engraving, or frames inlaid with fine calf leather, or contemporary styles decorated with real carbon fibre or coloured enamel.

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Silver Frames

The classic silver frame is an enduring gift given pride of place on the mantlepeice or desk top. Veritas makes silver frames in both hallmarked sterling silver and in silver-plate, characterised by clean lines and classic proportions. They are great for engraving and equally well received unadorned and presented in the purple Veritas box.

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Travel Frames

As with our other picture frames Veritas travel frames are made to the highest standards from sterling silver, silver-plate and also leather. The travel frame might seem something of an anachronism in todays world of thousands of images stored on our hyper-modern phones, but a cherished photo of an image close to our hearts is still a great gift to receive and keep close to us when we are travelling.

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