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Creative Branded Merchandise & Bespoke Corporate Gifts

We design and make creative branded merchandise and bespoke corporate gifts for global brands and businesses, prestigious stores and well known sporting institutions.

At Veritas, every brief we work on begins on a blank piece of paper.
We listen to your needs, taking careful consideration into the type of event, your budget, quantity required and when you require delivery.

We pride ourselves on offering the widest choice of gift options available to promote your brand and exceed your target audiences expectations.
Whether you are looking to develop a range of gifts, or need a one off presentation piece to commemorate achievement, Veritas can help create and deliver your unique vision on time and on budget.

Corporate Gifts

Choosing the right corporate gift is essential when recognising a valued member of staff or an important client.
Veritas specialise in producing bespoke corporate gifts, completely tailored to our clients requirements and brand guidelines.

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Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise is a cost-effective marketing strategy that helps businesses to create brand awareness.
We offer a wide range of aggressively priced merchandise options, all with a very high perceived value.

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Bespoke Gift Collections

We’re proud to design and supply gifts and accessories to some of the most popular department stores and gift boutiques worldwide.

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Trophy Design

Veritas designs and makes bespoke trophies for a wide range of sporting clubs and organisations, businesses and institutions.

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Our personalisation service allows you to have your bespoke designed gifts customised with logo’s, patterns and messages depending on your chosen product.

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Creating and choosing the right type of packaging is vital in ensuring your gift is received with excitement and Veritas offers a complete bespoke design service to help achieve this.

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